After the World War II, our Itami airport has been changed to commercial airport.  There is no militaly facilites.  Itami airport is still important airport connecting to all cities in Japan as major sky gateway of western Japan.    In 1994 all International airlines has been shifted to the KANSAI airport where is in the artificial reclaim island in Osaka bay.  (Update Sept. 2005)
(Click cartoon "Kilroy was here".-Legend graffiti during WWII. What's meaning?.)

 Remarks: Linked to ”Itami Air Base Forum" on Sept.29 .2005.

               6th VP-28 Renion September 2006 in Las Vegas.

vp4.jpg (22014 バイト) miller.jpg (61269 バイト)
  These pictures are kindly presented by Mr.James Miller
in Kansas City Mo.  Mr.James Miller in front of Barracks at Itami Air base in 1951.
Itami Air Base from the air,            1951 VP-28 Hanger Itami Air Base 
Airbase.jpg (37848 バイト) vp11.jpg (60226 バイト)
Just outside Entrance to Main gate Itami Air Base, Looking toward Hotarugaike 
   (Same place andviewpoint )
vp6.jpg (24812 バイト) ap6.jpg (18208 バイト)
   Main gate of Itami Air Base (Same place and viewpoint)
ap5.jpg (14451 バイト) vp2.jpg (24280 バイト)
U.S. Navy VP-28 Flight Line,Itami 1951    Special thanks to Mr.James Miller
VP-28 U.S. Navy Patrol Squadron Website(Click)
vp28.jpg (23110 バイト)

Itami Today(Click to link Itami city office official home page)       

Viewing more pictures of old days in Japan ( Click to Jump)

   * Your comment will be appreciated ( Kanji Aranishi)   
    To all U.S. veterans and concerned persons!!
     I am much interested in history of my town.

 On May 9 1999Officer pilot of VP-28 visited in Itami.
(Click to see the pictures)

Looking forward to having any information of your memories in Itami airport, I remain...

Left picture
is famous actor .Marlon Brando during filming of Sayanora. This movie  was awarded the Academy prize in 1957. 
 Beginning with the occupation of Japan in 1945 many American soldiers met and fell in love with Japanese women. However, the U.S. Government forbade marriages between soldiers and Japanese nationals. During the Korean War Japan was a major staging ground for U.S. forces. The presence of additional U.S. troops in Japan only worsened the problem of soldiers wanting to marry Japanese women. This film is the story, from the novel by James Michener, of three soldiers who fall in love with Japanese women and how two of them try to buck the Air Force bureaucracy to marry them.
(Quoted from "Teach with movies"website)

Refer to the Wikipedia website-The free Encyclopedia

Quoted pictures from "In racing with super Dave" website:

Special  thanks to
Mr.Dave Agnesck
who stationed at Itami Air Force Base in 1951


As far as I heard from U.S. Veterans who stationed, there was restaurant "New Friend" in front of Entrance gate. I tried to find the place where it was in several times but I could not find  it.

    This picture was sent from Mr.Bryan Elliot.   One of the copy from his Web site. Bryan.jpg (38432 バイト)
His father was stationed at Itami Air Base in 1946. He was a navigator in the A-26 "Invader".  I am much impressed with many pictures of old planes in his Web-site.  But I don't catch the feeling of  his explanation of "GOUGE" at any rate.Click here to his page
 (In temporary  link error 404 will be occured )
 38thBomb Group 

Special thanks to Mr.Bryan Elliott who presented this picture.

Special thanks to
Mr.Donald J. Weber  

 A Major and flying officer of the United States Air Force, Retired.

At the beginning of 21st century, I am much excited  to learn that the super star Ms Marilyn Monroe visited Itami in 1954 with her new husband JoeDiMaggio , and also Vice President Richard M. Nixon visited Itami about the same time as Ms. Monroe.  
  This picture was brought from Mr.Donald J. Weberwho stationd in Itami from Sept.1953 to July1955 first with the 6107th Air Base Squadron.   
He kindly described the airport illustrated map refered to  the aerial picture(below left ) of airport from his memories. Today airport facilites are changed completely except 320 degree extended over 3000m runaway, In 1955 I was only 7years old, so I am not able to remind anymore about it. I appreciate his efforts and also I am expecting the any comments from this map.

Airbase.jpg (37848 バイト)
                           Click above map to enlarge 

NEWLY-WEDS-Joe Demaggio and his bride, Marilyn Monroe, were served refreshments in the Japan Air Lines Terminal during a brief layover en route to Fukuoka, Kyushu.The famous couple signed autographs and met base officials while at Itami AB.(Itami Air Base Photo)
DiMaggios & ODoul Mobbed By Fans On Flight Line   By Donald S. Ford

Joe DiMaggio, his bride, the much publicized film star, Marilyn Monroe, and Lefty ODoul stopped briefly at Itami Air Base last Monday evening en route to Fukuoka, Kyushu, via a Japan Air Lines flagship. DiMaggio and ODoul were scheduled to spend three or four days on the southern island coaching baseball players in the Central League before returning to the Kansai District to help get the baseball season underway in Kobe and Osaka.After the Japan Air Lines DC-4 was parked, the YankeeClipperstood on the Loading platform and talked with the large crowd of military personnel, dependents and Japanese Nationals who had come to see the famous newly-weds. Later Marilyn appeared in the doorway of the flagship and posed for photographers.The 20th Century Fox actress did not appear misty eyed and moisty-lipped etc.,etc. She simply looked like the beautiful wife of an exbase-ball star, apparently happyand very much in love with her husband.During the ten minute press conference in the JAL terminal, DiMaggio reiterated his reasons for combining his honeymoon with a baseball visit to Japan. His wife sat beside him patiently while photographers took more pictures and the crowd passed bits ofpaper through a terminal window for her to autograph.
Asked if she thought her squabble with 20th Century Fox would be ironed out soon, Marilyn said, 
I certainly hope so, I am definitely against making Pink Tights.The picture has been produced three or four times under various different names. I would like to appear in more musicals like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Marilyn seemed anxious to get started on her scheduled trip to Korea the 16th. She will make as many stops as possible during the four-day tour, traveling from post to post by helicopter.The DiMaggios will leave for the states on Feb. 24, Joe will proceed to New York immediately, and ifMarilyns suspension has not ended by then, she is expected to accompany her husband East.

  Itami AFB and vicinity scenic place (presented by Don Weber) 

 Click to see the more memorable pictures from Don Weber.  

On March 9 2001 one of the major paper of Japan "YOMIURI News" has introduced this website with titled "Relaxing Monroe / many battle planes." (left)                  
and "40 pieces of hoard pictures of Osaka Airport after WWII"(right)
Special thanks to all veterans who had kindly sent me these pictures.
(Click each pictures for Enlarge size  - wait for a while )
(Mar.21.2001   The Daily YOMIURI) -English edition
 To all veterans who enjoyed at the day of Itami AFB in age of 50's.
Do you rememberthe location of the Clubs outside of Base?
Mr.Gleen H. Reed who stationed at AFB as Air Force 6127th Air Terminal
Group in May 1952 has sent me the left map which was drawn theMain Street from Itami Air Base to Hotarugaike station by his memories..
(Remarks: No.of Left Map)      
Club map in AFB     
1.Itami AB Sign 11 The Coconut
2 The Cherry 12 The Blackout
3 The Rose 13 The Stork Club
4 New Friends Restaurant 14 The Happy Hour
5 The Four Aces 15 The New Yorker
6 The Chicago 16 The Hawaii
7 Train Station 17 The Itami
8 The Ginza 18 The Harem
9 The Pacific 19 Itami Main Gate
10 The Bolero Informed From Mr. Glenn Reed, 
May 1st 2001
(Click above map for big size)
  I wonder how did you call main street from Gate to Railway station?
 Mr.James Miller told me "100 yard dash street", for boarding a train in time for Osaka.
  If you remind more Clubs around Hotarugaike Station, please let me know.   (Special thanks to Mr.Glenn Reed.)
 New operation facility for 6127th Air Terminal Group
 The new facility was opened during July 1952. Dedication ceremonies were held in honor of this event. This facility was located on the flight line between the control tower and the main base operations building. These two photos were taken during the opening ceremonies. The Airmen in these photos were members of the 6127th and their names and home saates are listed.
Photo#1 Left to right
    Robert Rydell Nebraska, Capt. Arthur Tuck Texas,CO, S/Sgt Walter Gilhousen California.
Photo#2 Left to right
    Glenn Reed Massachusetts,    Edward Rose Virginia, 
    Wenzel Frank Minnisota,      Robert Briles Indiana
         Photo#1                            Photo#2
I received a mail from Mr.Glenn Reed about 6127th Air Terminal Group, as follows:(Click left letters for big size)

Subject: 6127th Air Terminal Group -detachment 17-Itami Air Base

 In late January 1951 the 315th Air Division (Combat Cargo) was formed.Major General William Tunner arrived in Japan to organize a more effective method of airlifting troops and materials from Japan to Korea. Tunner brought with him a staff made up off men with previous airlift experience in the Berlin Airlift and other MATS operations.A Transport Movement Control Center was formed at Ashiya Air Base on Kyushu Island.The 3 14th Troop Carrier Group and the 437th Troop Carrie Wing .Also the 374th Troop Carrier Wing were assigned to the 315th Air Division to provide aircraft and crews to transport troops and equipment to the United Nation Forces in Korea.C-46,C-47,C-54,C-1 19 and C-124 aircraft were used for these missions. 
 There became a need for small Detachment Groups to be formed to cordinate the planning and loading of people and equipment onto transport aircraft;therefore the 6127th Air Terminal Group was formed to perform this critical part of airlifting personnel and supplies to the war effort in Korea.
 Theheadquarters was located at Ashiya Air Base.Small Detachments of approximately 12 to 15 men were formed in Japan and Korea.The following are those groups and their locations: JAPAN: Tachikawa,Komaki,Itami,Miho KOREA:Pusan,Taegu, Suwon,Kimpo,Seoul, Chunchon I arrived at Ashyia Headquarters in April 1952. I was then assigned to Detachment 17, 6127th Air Terminal Group (Combat Cargo) in early May 1952. The following is a roster of Airmen of this Detachment when I arrived: 

Capt     Arthur Tuck      Texas       
S/Sgt     Walter Gilhousen  California   
Sgt     Wenzel Frank     Minnesota     
Cpl     Dan Copenski     New Jersey   
Cpl     Robert Briles      Indiana      
Cpl     Elmer Wright      New York     
Cpl     Robert Rydell     Nebraska     
Cpl     Glenn Reed      Massachusetts  
The following is a roster of Airmen that were assigned to Detachment 17 May 1952 to May 1953: 
RANK       NAME        HOMESTATE   
2ndLt    Fred Cox        Georgia     
S/Sgt     James Boyle     Washington   
Cpl     Phil Rinker        Virginia      
Pfc     Edward Rose      Virginia     
Pfc     James Wyche     Florida      
Pfc     Robert Karr       New York    
Pfc     Sheldon Gornstein  Rhode Island  
Pfc     Robert Burke     Wyoming    
The following Japanese personnel were also assigned to Detachment 17: 
NAME           ASSIGNMENT    
Chimiko Higashinaka    Interpreter     
Mr. Nakamura       Driver        
Mr. Nakano         Driver       
Mr. Kanda          Cargo Handle    
Mr. Nishioka        Cargo Handler   
Mr. Maeda          Cargo Handler   

 Chimiko was called "Susie" by -- Air Force personnel. She also performed the duties of Detachment Clerk. Her husband had lost his life while serving in the war against China in 1940. Detachment 17 was formed in early 195 1 and was dissolved in late 1954. 0ur original barracks was located next to the Airman's Mess Hall and in front of the Base Motor Pool on the main road leading to the gate.In early 1953 we were moved to a newly constructed barracks located between the 321 Club and the 
main runway.1 was reassigned to the 80 1 st Medical Air Evacuation Squadron and left Itami in May 1953. My subsequent assignments took me to Tachikawa Air Base, Japan and Taegu. Osan and Seoul Air Bases in Korea.1 will always consider the 6127th Air Terminal Group assignment at Itami the highlight of my military career. 

Glenn Reed 
119 Sarah Sherman Road 
Rochester, MA 02770

Refer to the Korean War Project site where is avaialbe for more information.(CLICK)

 Thanks again and posting at my bulletin board!! Mr.Dave Agnes

This is a part of his descriptions at my board.

 I went to Itami AFB Japan and went to work in the base instrument shop. I soon tired of this and wanted to work on aircraft engines and I went to work as an aircraft engine mechanic and ended up as a crew chief on a RB-26-C

(RB-26 Lineup)
Program Air Force DayTitle Air force day  

Click pictures for large size)   
   (321Club Coin)

 Special thanks to Mr.John Szalay for sending me these pictures of his Itami A.F.B. collections.

(posted 9/18/05)

  I could bid off the lighter which was informed me at E-bay auction from Japan. And I am expecting to know about this commemeoration lighrter written in "Itami A.B. JAPAN 67th RECONNAISSANCE TECHNICAL SQUADRON 1957".

Mr.John Szalay sent me a left medal picture which he got at E-bay
auction. He kindly often informed me about Air Base items.
Because he has been in Itami city and he is much interesed in our city.

Die Stamped as follow

6 MARCH 1955

* I am looking forward to hearing more story about 10 mile roadrace.

Do you know what was this house, warehouse or something else?
(left picture)   Map of location (click)
There is still in the play ground of elementary school where is located in 1mile  north away from runway 320 of Itami airport.

 Someone said it was warehouse of U.S. army, and another said it was radio operation facility for aircraft. It is mystery for me. I speculated it as something warehouse of U.S. army as legend goes. 
If anyone know what kind of purpose of this building, please let me know.

   I am looking forward to having further information about Boy Scout Invitation Camp in 1956 .

 obverse      reverse   New.gif (245 バイト)
I received the plastic bookmarker from
son of Camptain, Charles D. Poole
67th Tactical Reconnaissace Wing

Greetings from Maine, USA
I was at Itami in 1954-5 and have some photos you may find of  interest. My father flew RB26's from there on night recon missions over Korea. I recently got an E-mail from a flight engineer who was stationed there around the same time who may have some photos you may find of interest. 
-CJ Poole

(Click Enlarge)

Thank you for sending and looking forward to hearing anything about Itami.

Letter of Appreciation

  On the occasion of the reinforcement works of left bank of Inagawa river at Kamitsu district in Itami city which comencement of August 20,1954,  With the great pleasure of all citizen we hereby express our sincere gratitude to your great contributions to the strengthening of Japan-U.S. relations at the completion of works.
        29th year of Showa era(1954),November 27.
   Mayor of Itami   Sakaue, Yoshiho
   Mr.Arthur J. Norden
          Left picture(translation: Author of this website)
 Special thanks to Mr.John Norden, son of Major.Arthur J. Norden

 Above picture is the scroll of the letter of appreciation which was given to Major Arthur J. Norden from the Mayor of Itami.  He stationed as the 67th TRW air force officer of base engineer from 1953-1956.  His family also lived in the military housing area in
Toneyama near Itami AFB till 1956. I am much pleased to hear that his son,Mr.John Norden kindly send me the picture with over 1250km(750miles) drive by car for visiting to his father. 
 I am much moved to hear that his father was very proud of the citation he received from the Mayor of Itami and it always was hung on the wall of his office, along with his military decorations. . Now I am able to learn such a historical fact of those contributions to the local community.

I was much surprised to hear from the mail that Major Arthur J. Norden passed away on July 2nd. I'd like to offer my deepest condolences to the all of the deceased's family.

  I found the website page of "548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association"
      (Click to the linked picture for viewing the website)

Special thanks to Mr.Herman R. Snead , senior master sergeant USAF for informing me the Air force Base in Japan. He was never stationed in Itami AFB, but he stationed at Misawa Air Base (Northern Japan, there is still Air base) and sending me the below pictures and he introduced his Website including other air base. It was so nice to see the pics of old days in Japan. (Jump to Mr.H.R. Snead home pages)
 I wonder how many years were those militaly payment effective?

       Click photos for enlarging. (Special thanks to Mr.Harold J.Hill 67th Tactical Recon.Squadron)

 I wonder this is so called 100 yard dash street?

  Thanks again to Mr.Glenn Reed for sending me your pictures and nice copies of 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing leaflet.(Map of Itami Air Force Base etc.,)

Mr.Glenn Reed,Dec.1951
Left: Doug Moreace
East Rapids,
Stone Mountain,Vermont

Right:Glenn Reed

Doug and Glenn were at Itami
Air Base 1952-1953.
We met at a Air Force Reunion
in 2000. We had not seen each other since 1953.

 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Reed(Verna)
 Sept. 2003

Click below map for big size 

 Thanks again to Mr.Glenn Reed for sending me the following poem that I was much impressed to read them on 2003 Christams season.
 Merry Christmas to all people who served the duty in Iraq, with wishing the mission will becompleted soon.  May peace prevail in all over the world. -Author of this website-


   I received the mail of obituary on January28 2018.
    Please accept my deepest condolences.

    This is John Hanicks Son. Dad wanted me to imform all his E-mail contacts on his passing.

Sad to say our beloved father passed away peacefully January 19th at 10:25 pm. He very much enjoyed connecting with Army buddies, old friends and family. He will be missed dearly. Thank you for your friendship with my father.

                                                                                 The Hanick Family

I am very happy to find the page who stationed in Kobe,"John-San's Asian Tour of Duty.
At this moment, his pages and many photos are not able to display except Guest book page.

I would like to introduce a part of his mail to me.

I was in the military US ARMY based in kobe for three 3 yrs. I was only 18 to 21 yrs old then.I fell in love with country and the people and customs .I took the cable car up to the top of mt.Rokko many times Saw the Golf course which was on top there. Used the train stations a lot to go sightseeing. Sannomyia station , Motomachi Station Tagatori Hyogo Kobe,Suma,
Sheyoia,Suma,and Akashi. Did a lot of swiming in Japan Sea.I lived off my post which was know as Kobe East Camp also they had a West Camp in Kobe.
East Camp was only a 5 minutes walk to the train station Sannomyia.I lived at the base of MT.Rokko address at that time #72 Nadacu Shogundori- 1 chome Rokkomichi Japan.
Johnsan & Helen Hanick - Warren, Ohio

 And also I have found very interestig page of descendant of Abraham Lincoln who stationed in Sendai city,North of mainland Japan.
   And fortunately, I had a mail from another U.S. vets. who stationed same East Camp in Kobe. Mr.Ed Pippenger kindly compiled many John-san's photos to CD-ROM instead of him and sent it to me. Surely this CD-ROM amaged me to find a great deal of photos in old days view of Japan.  I appreciate his dedicated efffort to me. I would like to introduce the beginnning of his mail.

   (by Ed Pippenger)

Could it happen? Two young soldiers living only yards apart in 1950 in a foreign land, and never meeting, find each other more than 50 years later via the Internet and the telephone? IT HAPPENED!!
I was a twenty year old “buck sergeant” serving with the 2nd Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, in Camp Ainura outside of Sasebo in the southern prefecture of Kyushu Japan, in the early months of 1947. A part of my battalion was called upon to serve as a security force in the city of Kobe that summer, so I and my buddies after a long and miserable train ride arrived in Kobe to take up our duties. Headquarters Company was “beefed up’ with troops from a couple of the line companies for this mission. Arriving in Kobe we were quartered in a group of Quonset huts in East Camp, just inside the front gate on the left side of the road, and directly across the road from the command stockade.  
See full text of "TWO OLD SOLDIERS "(PDF)

 * I am going to introduce the contents of CD in the near future.

 I am anxious to know about Kobe in 50's.

Mr.Jim Miller& Mrs.Jeannie Miller at fourth VP-28 Squadron Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2002.
They had just presented her with a plaque for all of her help and support in planning all of our squadron reunions.

 Jim-san, "ARIGATO" for sending me a picture. This website has been initiated since you have sent me the first several pictures.
When will it be held next reunion of VP-28?

Additional Photo: VP-28 Squadron Reunion

  Click for enlarge

 Although I received the following mail, I don't have any information about this case.If someone who has a further information about it. Please contact to Theresa.

Good Evening Sir,

We have been trying to locate a person stationed in or around this area in the 50's. We specifically are trying to identify and locate the father of one Mikie Grubbs. Daughter of (XXXXX XXXXX=Japanese name).
The orphanage paperwork identities the father as Charles Haskell. Yet the only living family and a picture references a Doug or Douglas (first or last name unknown). They should have had connections with some type of aircraft industry back here in the states if that information is true. Are you aware of any resources that may help us identify and locate this person?

Mikie was born Feb 10, 1955 in the Osaka Area. We were also wondering what military hospitals and their names where in 1955. The orphanage paperwork is very questionable.
If you can help in anyway, please accept our thanks in advance.

Theresa Hope for
< >

Reply to Theresa:
> Good afternoon,
> Thank you for interesting my website.
> As a matter of fact I don't have any information about your topics.
> So, may I introduce this letter at my website in order to get further
> information. If you don't mind please let me know.
> Sincerely
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 11:40 PM
  Subject: Re: Info Request Japan

Received again:

Please do, we are at a dead end.
The Airman may have been at Itazuke Air Base also. If we could just get a name list for Osaka and Itazuke + names of hospitals that would be at least a start. There is much documented American interest in Mikie as an orphan. The orphanage Is the Holy Family Home or Seibo Infant home. It is sponsored by the ? Wolfhounds (an American Military outfit)?? Not sure about that. Yet, that leads us to believe that the interest was sparked by people who at least knew her father and/or mother.
We also know that there was intense family pressure for the father to drop out of the picture.

Thank you so much

 I received the following mail (Mr.Joe Metz), and I wish to hear more about USAF 6024th group.
 I was stationed at Itami with the USAF 6024th Flying Training Group (MDAP)  for 1 year. In 1957 the base was returned to the Japanese. Our group moved up to  Tachikawa where we disbanded after about 2-3 months. I then went to Osan (K-55)  in Korea. The photos from 1951 looked pretty much the same as when I was there.  If anyone contacts you about the Air Force during 56-57 time-line I would  appreciate it if you could put them in touch with me. Thank you. Joe Metz 

How do you think of Atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

 On August 8, 2005 I have accessed the website of U.S. veterans who stationed in Sendai northern city of Japan and introducing many photos of Japan in 50's.
 As I also found his blog page and posted the comment of Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima responding to the following his comment.  
60 Years Ago the 'Bomb' Exploded
Study says Japanese feared force of Russian
Army Joining in the War Against Them

ixty years ago, on Aug. 6 and 9, atomic bombs destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Most Americans think the bombings forced Japan to surrender. And further, most believe that they were necessary as the only way to end World War II without a costly invasion.
    (abbriviated -refer to the following site)
(My comment -posted above blog site on Aug. 8 2005)
 I am glad to read your comment, I am much impressed and I agreed with you.
  Most American think the atomic bombing contribute to end the war and saved many youngster from bloody combat to bleeding.
I think those viewpoint is only for the excuse and justify the atrocities of the war included the killing of many children and noncombatant citizens.

  Today August 8 is the day of declaration of war of Soviet Union(Russia) tear up the nonaggression pact against Japan. Despite Japan offering the arbitoration of surrender to Russia for the purpose of seeking peace truce to surrender to the allied powers.

  Obviously The atomic Bomb was a horiffic operational test. It goes without saying that the use of the atomic bomb to end the war was not necessary or there was not only way to end World War II without a costly invasion.

  On the occasion of 60 years anniversary of Japan's surrender, we should reconsider the cruel occupied policy based on the revenge and racial biased unilateral judgement at Tokyo war crimes tribunal.
 As a matter of course, the proceedings at the trial was rather tend to be the logic of allied countries. It seems to be justified as the revenge of the victory countries.

  Please remember all of Japanese people wish to good relationship with the United States, shareing common value of democracy and partnership against the tyranny of China and North Korea propaganda although some of Japanese people still are affected such as war guilt information program for decreasing the hostilities during the occupied period in 50's.
  On coming August 15 some of neighboring countries and still some of the folly domestic left wing media claim the worship to war victims at Yasukuni Shrine of prime minister for the reason of lack of remose to the war against Asian people. 
  It is unnecessary to eliminate the people who were sentenced by the trial as a war criminal. Because the rehabilitation of their honor was completed by Diet resolution after holding our sovereignty rights.  All nation should be dedicated the respect in equal to all of the sacrificed in the war.
I think it is the reality of the intervention by foreign powers in our traditional culture.

Reference: Quoted from testimony of Douglas MacArther,
        (in the period of Korean War)
  Committee on armed services and the committiee on Foreign relations, Thursday May,3, 1951

Inquiry Into the Military Situation in the Far East and the Facts Surrounding the Relief of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur from his Assignments in that Area

Senator HICKENLOOPER. Question No.5: Isn't your proposal for sea and air blockade of Red China the same strategy by which Americans achieved victory over the Japanese in the Pacific?
General MACARTHUR. Yes,sir.In the Pasific we bypassed them.We closed in. You must understand that Japan had an enormous population of nearly 80 million people,crowded into 4 islands. It was about half a farm population. The other half was engaged in industry. Potentially the labor pool in Japan,both in quantity and quality,is as good as anything that I have ever known. Some place down the line they have discovered what you might call the dignity of labor, that men are happier when they are working and constructing than when they are idling. This enormous capacity for work meant that they had to have something to work on.They built the factories, they had the labor,but they didn't have the basic materials.
There is practically nothing indigenous to Japan except the silkworm.
They lack cotton,they lack wool,they lack petoroleum products,they lack tin, they lack rubber,they lack a great many other things, all which was in the Asiatic basin.
They feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan. Their purpose, therefore, in going to war was largely dictated by security.

 One of the judge member of allied power, Dr.Pal indian jurist who asserted innocence of all defendants due to the "ex post facto law". He mentioned the famous comment at the last paragraph in his rebutter document.

 When time shall have softened passion and prejudice, when Reason shall have stripped the mask from misrepresentation, then justice, holding evenly her scales, will require much of past censure and  praise to change places.
(Radha Binod Pal)

6th VP-28 Renion, greetings from Japan, home of Itami Air Base!!

 On the occasion of the 6th VP-28 Renion will be held on coming
 September 2006 in Las Vegas.  I would like to express my sincere congratulations to all attendee and with wishing all of your healthy and happiness in life and introducing one of my favorite poems of Samuel Ullman - "YOUTH".

  Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind;
  it is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination,
  a vigor of the emotions, a predominance of courage over timidity,
  of the appetite for adventure over love of ease.

  Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow
  old only by deserting their ideals. Years wrinkle the skin, but to
  give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
  Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear, and despair
  -- these are the long, long years that bow the head and
  turn the growing spirit back to dust.

  So long as your heart receives messages of beauty, cheer, courage,
  grandeur and power from the earth, from man, and from the Infinite,
  so long you are young. -- Samuel Ullman

Do you know "KAMIKAZE"(divine wind) ?
My recommending website to all of you.(Linked to Mr.Bill Gordon's page)
Kamikaze Images
American and Japanese images of kamikaze pilots differ greatly. This web site explores diverse portrayals and perceptions of the young men who carried out suicide attacks near the end of World War II.
Links to Japan Information

  "Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue."
— a tribute by Admiral Chester Nimitz to the fighting men on Iwo Jima.-
(Iwo Jima memorial in Alington cemetory )

 On october 31, I was much impressed to see the movie,"Flag of our fathers". And I am looking forward to seeing the next trailer movie "Letters from Iwo Jima" which will be released on coming Dec.9 in Japan.
  The Battle of Iwo Jima (a volcanic island) was fought between the United States and Japan in February and March of 1945. Iwo Jima was Japanese home soil–part of Japan–only 650 miles from Tokyo. The battle of Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest in the war, with more than 6,800 American and 23,000 Japanese casualties. Of the six soldiers shown on Rosenthal's picture, only three survived the war. The other three were killed during further battle at Iwo Jima.

FDR plans sneaky attack
              before Pearl Harbor

  At least Japan was strongly intend to declare a state of War before the attack to only military facilities in Pearl Harbor .
  However unfortunately, due to the failure of diplomatic activity of resident agent Pearl Harbor attack has been regarded as a sneaky attack. without the declaration.  
  Consequently, we would not make an excuse for the historic fact. Because it is used to say that "the loosers are always in the wrong.."

Despite FDR's "Day of Infamy" Speech on December 7, 1941, the governmet of U.S. had already interfered to Japanese military operaton in China illegaly by means of supporting the A.V.G (American Volunteer Group) so-called "The Flying Tigers".
 Remember which country was the unfair and sneaky country at the beginning of bilateral agreement .
The official Home page of "The Flying Tigers"

 The news was broadcasted at ABCTVnews program, "20/20" on Dec.6,1991.
 *Video Movie are available at following "YOU TUBE" web site(linked).

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