1939: Osaka Airport opens.
 1945: U.S. occupation forces take over Osaka Airport, renaming it Itami Air Base.
 1954: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio stop in Itami during their honeymoon.
 1956: The base is used in the filming of the movie Sayonara.
 1960: Civil flights resume.
 1994: Kansai International Airport opens; international services are transferred from Itami to Kansai.

This page was compiled for the requesting of all veterans of U.S. Navy Patrol Squadron Twenty-Eight who stationed at Itami Air Base in 1951 during the Korean Police Action.

                                         Gate Itami A.B. in 50's.
Above picture is terminal bldg., of Osaka (Itami) airport. From September 1994 all international lines have shifted to new KANSAI airport where is located at artificial island in Osaka bay.
Aerial photo of Osaka International Airport
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               Aerial photo in 50's 

These picturs are departure counter of domestic airline companies.


These pictures are the street in front of the entrance gate of airport. I think there were many bars and various amusement stores for U.S. soldiers were gathered both side of street in '50s.


Hankyu railway line near "Hotarugaike " station. There are several Hotels gathering at near the gate street of airport. 

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